Singapore stock exchange system customized development and solutions


Securities trading system solutions

It provides the quick construction of brokerage trading system and business portfolio recommendation service, which can be privatized, cloud deployment, system operation and maintenance can be managed, 7X24 customer system supports extremely fast response, provides a series of system use training free of charge upon delivery, supports the development of customized requirements, and has a dedicated project manager throughout each project.

Preferably with a license plate

MVP [partial customization of standard packages]

Account integration with KYC/customer entry

Market data integration [SG only]

Clearing and settlement module

Trading module

AML integration

Bank custody and account deposit integration module [minimum customization]

Basic order module [customized]

Basic credit assessment and allocation [minimal customization]

Unit testing, system integration testing, UAT and production deployment

/ scheme characteristics

  • Operation and maintenance (additional charge)

    Server support, 7X24 operation and maintenance duty, system security maintenance, performance monitoring

  • Customized development

    Multi-bit product, multi-bit development, multi-bit testing hr support (privatized system only)

  • Full-time project manager

    Support the whole process of the project, answer daily questions, provide free system training on product functions, technical details, operation and maintenance system during delivery, and assist to promote system upgrade after launching

  • 7X24 all-weather extreme response (charge)

    Online any problem real-time response, each main chain of the latest dynamic notification

    Product portfolio

    Economic transactions more cross-industry business platform system, professional trading team privatisation or cloud deployment, lever selection, contract product portfolio, a reliable quantitative tools for exclusive access, operation and maintenance of the hosting, customization development service, exchange and development function deployment privatisation, leverage, the freedom of contract trading system combination, the system + code before and after delivery, independent secondary development

/ planning structure

/ service support

Agents operating

Access the API related operation documentation

Custom development

Documentation of system related products

Account manager 1 to 1

Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting