Securities trading system development

Abstract: "the 21st century is the era of financial markets." Financial markets have always been our focus. We have a strong financial foundation support, rich market experience and elite talents. The stock exchange system is derived from this background. The weapon attacking financial markets is a broad and effective service.

Project summary; The stock exchange system mainly provides users with a variety of functions such as stock inquiry, trading services, fund management and information provision. It mainly includes user registration, user deposit and withdrawal management, user capital statistical analysis, user capital settlement, stock Real estate trading, stock credit trading, user transaction information management, user defined information management, stock related news information, stock real-time quotation, stock analysis chart.

Project evaluation: the stock exchange system gathers the wisdom of more than 100 industry elites. After conducting detailed market research, we used our strengths in the financial markets to explore the deep needs of our users and spent a year making high-quality products to provide high efficiency. Safe, convenient and fast quality service.

Account management

Customer deposit management

Function: users log into the online bank, inject funds into their stock account, and prepare for stock trading.

User withdrawal management

Functions: users log into online banking, withdraw funds from stock trading accounts, and manage personal funds.

Access to gold resume search

Function: retrieve the history information of the user, you can see the details of the success or failure as well as the recharge and withdrawal operations.

Delivery history enquiry

Features: the user can query and query the historical information of the fetch history that occurred on the account, including domestic types, credit references, and other information types.

Stock trading

Buy now

Features:. Users can conduct stock search in the system for trading users who buy stocks, and according to the information provided by the system, according to the needs of the system, can make purchase orders, and carry out in real time. Inventory information can be obtained at the same time.


Function: users can carry out sales orders according to their own needs and inventory, and obtain real-time information of inventory of interest according to the information provided by the system.

New rules for credit purchases

Function: after applying for credit limit, the user can make credit purchase and search. Credit purchase orders can be placed according to the information provided by the system and its own requirements, and real-time information of relevant inventory can be obtained.

New credit sale

Function: after the user applies for the credit limit, they can conduct the sales operation and retrieve the new credit rules. Credit sell orders can be made according to the information provided by the system and its own needs, and real-time information of relevant stocks can be obtained.


Features: users can browse their own trades, view records of their results, and track new information about individual trades. Users can search by ticker symbol, time, trade type, trade results, etc., and can view each item. Detailed records.

Correction/cancellation of reservation form

Function: before the system confirms the order, the user can modify the memo information or cancel the order, convenient and flexible.

Credit recovery, current early/overtime

Function: the system provides jade function list. By observing the jade information, users can personalize orders or sales results of the new credit rules. At the same time, it provides the current lead/control function, the system will intelligently prompt the user to allocate resources and conduct automatic verification, with further security protection.

With the B/S architecture, customers can trade stocks in real time simply by browsing the Internet.

The Linux system is used as a server platform to ensure stable and reliable stock trading services for users in the long term.

Backend Web servers use Tomcat's clustering technology to implement distributed processing, enhance fault tolerance and ensure high quality reliability.

Using BIGIP load balancing technology, the entire system can withstand the access of millions of users and effectively ensure the timeliness and accuracy of transactions.

The whole system is developed by JSP Java C + + -oracle, which solves the problem of slow response speed caused by large transaction volume and improves the transaction speed of users.

The database USES Oracle Real Application Clusters to ensure high quality availability of transactions. Automatic parallel processing, even load sharing, fault tolerance and breakpoint recovery.

Sending information using IBM WebSphere MQ with high communication efficiency ensures that the information is permanent, recoverable, and that the information is kept confidential. Through internationally renowned trading systems companies and major stock exchanges to ensure the correctness of trading.